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  • wat kan UrbanCity voor jou betekenen?

    Het gebouw bestaat uit vier etages van 1.250m² en geeft direct toegang tot de ondergrondse parkeergarage. Het kan per 25 m² worden gehuurd. Ze worden casco opgeleverd en kunnen dus geheel naar eigen wens worden ingericht.


    Een fantastische locatie op ‘t eilandje met een snelle toegang tot uitvalswegen en voldoende (betalende) parkeergelegenheid in buurt. Het gebouw is op loopafstand van openbaar vervoer en er is een aanwezigheid van dynamische en creatieve bedrijven. Men kan ook gemakkelijk gebruik maken van het aantrekkelijke culturele aanbod in het MAS en genieten van de vele bourgondische eetgelegenheden in de buurt. Ook sporten kan in de onmiddellijke omgeving.

  • Urban city

    an urban area is characterized by higher population density and vast human features in comparison to the areas surrounding it. Urban areas may be cities, towns or conurbations, but the term is not commonly extended to rural settlements such as villages and hamlets.


Voor de herontwikkeling hebben we een nieuw model gecreëerd waarin duurzaamheid, sociale relevantie en maatschappelijke verantwoordelijkheid samenkomen op een rendabele manier. Om het kantorencomplex aantrekkelijk te maken, hebben we een hippe espresso-refter, professionele vergaderfaciliteiten, een co-working-community en komt er een urban farm op het dak ook om actief mee te tuinieren; zaaien, schoffelen en oogsten. De oogst wordt gebruikt in de plaatselijke horeca. Niet alleen huurders maken hier enthousiast gebruik van, ook organisaties ‘van buiten’ kunnen deze faciliteiten gebruik. Hierdoor ontstaan interessante ontmoetingen tussen mensen die leiden tot waardevolle relaties en nieuwe netwerken.


4th Floor

3th Floor

Listen Up


Listenup is a full service PR agency, with clients in the fashion, music, beauty and lifestyle industry.

2nd Floor

CK Productions


CK Productions is a Belgian based production company specialized in creative productions within the comedy, music, arts and sports branch and mostly known for its online streamed video productions such as TomorrowlandTV. We have a new approach to video in all its aspects, never loosing eye of sight of the details. No matter how small or big a production… Quality and creativity always stay upfront. Moreover CK Productions recently has been crowned by Google to Trained YouTube Live Vendor and has become an expert in online monetizing by advertisements.



TinQwise offers innovative customised multimedia learning solutions, oriented towards solving organisational problems and achieving goals.

BPM Software


BPM Software offers affordable and user friendly software tailor made to match the specific needs of their clients. By avoiding the integration of large expensive standard software packages BPM Software guarantees exceptional integrations without cost overruns. BPM Software provides tailor made, flexible and cost efficient online software. Our specialties include ERP, CRM and custom software development.

Marketing map


Marketing map is an independent consultant providing strategic advice to retail clients through thought leadership in the retail business and has in depth experience in geomarketing. Marketing map has a wide range of geomarketing tools (data – software – maps) and is independent from software providers.



Caloritum delivers a unique solution to upgrade low value waste heat into high value process heat.

Talent Monitor


Talent Monitor wants to inspire people to transform. Inspiration establishes the self-motivation necessary to adopt to change (transformation). In a rapidly changing market, where commodities, price pressure, increased competition and work pressure are a daily reality, transformation and change are the only viable options. Therefore we want to inspire people to transform. We achieve inspiration by giving you a new thinking frame, called Value Centred Thinking (VCT). In everything we do the WHY question is our point of departure. This way you learn to think and co-operate based upon your core value. The results are unexpected. Which motivates to keep on transforming. The loop is closed.

1st Floor



BUBKA’s three star philosophy is built on smart strategy, creative power and result guarantee. We are convinced that clever advertising that looks sexy will always sell. Our Smart-Sexy-Selling-approach originates from our hunger to accurately understand our client’s business. Then putting our expertise and creativity at work to truly appeal to your target group. On top of that, BUBKA throws in its proprietary CEO approach (Communication Effectiveness Optimisation) for maximum results.

Retail Detail


RetailDetail is the leading reference and the perfect tool for each and every retailer and supplier. RetailDetail keeps you up to date with every retail development through a series of retail communication articles, exclusive interviews, a retail agenda and thorough cases - and all that in Dutch, French and English, about anything that concerns retail(ers) in Belgium, the Netherlands and far beyond. RetailDetail harbours the portal site and digital newsletters, but also has a RetailDetail Magazine and a yearly RetailBible, the one and only exhaustive guide to the Belgian retail sector. On top of all these activities, RetailDetail also brings together the entire retail world at leading congresses and networking events.é Slogan: RetailDetail is the leading news platform in the Benelux for each and every retailer and supplier in the retailing world.

Artcore Society


Artcore Society was founded in 2010 as your digital partner for brand identity and brand activation. Our main focus is high-end design & cross-browser development for both mobile (tablets & smartphones) & desktop devices. Every company has got its own unique DNA code and Artcore isn't any different in this thanks to our experienced team, hands-on approach and overall knowledge of the online media landscape. A well-thought strategy, solid planning and waterproof communication guarantees a successful collaboration between your company and Artcore Society whether you represent an advertising agency, company or an end consumer.

Ground Floor

Stamhuis / Atrium


Unlike many other retail builders Stamhuis has a Total Concept® where a shop owner is totally relieved from the refurbishing process from A to Z. Whether it concerns setting up your new build property or deploying or to better profile your new shopping formula in all your local (franchise) shops. This Stamhuis Total Concept ® has been realized as a result of many years of experience with various nationwide and also internationally operating retail chains. We have gathered a wide range of knowledge and expertise with regard to building or refurbishing shops. From design to aftercare, from innovation to implementation, all core activities that enable Stamhuis to relief the customer from the whole refurbishing or building process. For more information on Stamhuis’s core activities and our services, please visit our website.



12-06-2014 | 13:00

Floor 4

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Belgian Fashion Congress 2014

The fashion branch is in the eye of the storm: consumers are more price-aware than ever and the digital revolution necessitates investment while the competition is fierce. Still, you will find winners in every market. Short-term setbacks only prove that those who gun for long-term results win out in the end. Some winners become international players from their Belgian base, while others consciously stick to their native soil. One is an established party, while the other is a young entrepreneur moving up the ranks. What do they have in common? They dare to make choices. Better still: they dare, nothing more. They are the prime example that an entrepreneurial spirit pays off. During this network event we will announce the winner of the "Fashion Personality of the Year Award" 2014.


Ankerrui 9, 2000 Antwerpen